Places to see –Ranikhet

Jhoola Devi Temple~
This temple dedicated to Durga has beautiful bells, echoes of which can be heard from some distance. Nearby is a temple of Lord Rama.

Chaubatia Garden~
10 kms from Ranikhet on a motorable road, Chaubatia is a vantage point set amidst gardens. On a clear morning a 300 kms wide view of the snow-clad Himalayan peaks can be seen clearly from Chaubatia. The Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nandaghunti and Nilkanth peaks are visible from here.

Upat (Golf Course)~
Upat has one of the best 9 hole golf links in the country. It is 5.6 kms away from West View Hotel.

Bhalu Dam~
Bhalu Dam is an Artificial Lake and is situated 3 kms away from Ranikhet.

A vantage point on the road to Almora, Majkhali has an awe-inspiring view of the majesty of the snowy peaks. The Uttarakhand Government Agriculture Farm is situated here.

35 kms from Ranikhet, it has lush orchids and is also known for its herbal and medicinal plants. It is an ideal place for a peaceful outing.

It is now famous for its 55 temples divided into 8 groups dating from the 11th century and have some fascinating stone carvings.

52 kms from Ranikhet, famous for its temple dedicated to Durga Devi. The temple bears an inscription dating back to 1181 A.D.

It is the spot, Mahatma Gandhi fell in love with and stayed for a some time. The house Gandhi stayed in, Gandhi Kuti,and Prem Vidhyalaya are its chief attractions.

Bhim Tal~
Named after one of the Pandava brothers, this is the largest lake in the district. Known for its majesty, Bhim Tal also has an islet.

Sat Tal~
A picturesque spot where nature reigns supreme –Sat Tal, or Seven Lakes is 21 kms from Nainital. A tiny wild life sanctuary and ashram run by Dr. Stanley Jones of America is also nearby.

A haven for the fishing enthusiasts, this fine lake, with nine corners, is 4 kms to the north-east of Bhim Tal.

11 kms to the east of Nainital, Bhowali is enclosed by a pine forest, the crisp, salubrious air makes it an ideal spot for the finest T.B. sanatorium in the state. It also has a Rest House and Tourist Bungalow.

Hanuman Garhi and Observatory~
A spot reputed for its glorious sun-set, the Hanuman Temple, has turned lately into a pilgrim centre as well. Near the temple is Uttarakhand Government Astronomical Observatory and the Satelite Tracking Centre.